About Us

The world is a classroom and travel is the greatest education!

When we change spaces, our imagination alters —we see the world from a different perspective and begin to understand life and human relations differently as well. This is the idea behind TravelLEADS—to awaken people to see the value in travel beyond simple pleasures of visiting a new place! We believe travel has a transformative value in how it can help us understand ourselves better and others too. Come and stay with us and explore Kashmir through stories!

Often taking time out and getting away can help us reset our life. A change of pace and scenery and conversations with strange people can help us reimagine life. As a result, traveling is the best way to unplug from the pushes and pulls of daily life. You come back refreshed and renewed. During our journey, we experience life in different ways. We explore new places, cultures, cuisines, traditions, and ways of living. Travel can be an amazing experience as long as you use it as a launchpad for reflection and learning. That is why the impulse to travel, as someone said beautifully, is one of the ‘hopeful symptoms of life’.

At TravelLEADS we take you beyond the cosmetic experience of doing regular touristy things. We help you immerse in the local culture so that you get to see Kashmir as it is, learn the history, culture, traditions and take part in heritage walks through the glorious old city. We’re committed to provide a space where travelers can meet new people, stay with local communities as a part of cultural exchange and share travel experiences. Hear the stories that ring through the lofty mountains, steady meadows and winding rivers of the valley while you spend time in the lap of pristine valley.

As a travel destination, Kashmir is synonymous with spectacular mountains, beautiful breathtaking lakes and orchards, and vast forests. Kashmir has remained the center of many cultures and traditions and you can see imprints of those cultures everywhere. Look at a traditional Kashmiri kettle called Samovar. It will make you think of its cultural and traditional history. You will be compelled by your own curiosity to ask about its origin and its history. Look at Kashmir’s old houses in the old towns and old city Srinagar, in villages at the foothills mountains, it is in itself an architectural tour. Have a look at Kashmir’s religious places all over the Valley; it will remind you of unique cultures. The natural landscape, culture and art has made Kashmir a unique tourist destination that beckons people from around the world.

At TravelLEADS, we are attentive to the fragile ecological environment of the valley and promote sustainable tourism coming from the greater awareness of the environment, having deep knowledge of local culture and landscape. With this in mind, we aim to provide a unique experience to travelers while protecting the environment, natural resources, and wildlife. The aim is also to generate socio-economic benefits and create financial resources for communities and promote untapped destinations.

We’re starting this initiative with two homestays in Narbal and Pahalgam in Kashmir.

LEADS Inn, Narbal, a four-bedroom property is a quiet homestay in Srinagar that is hardly a 20-minute drive from Srinagar airport, and its convenient location makes it easy to get about the city. The house, with access to a kitchen, sits in a manicured garden, with each room furnished and decorated in an individual style. The guest house can accommodate up to eight people, making it an ideal property for people traveling with family or in a group.

Tucked away in the picturesque Pahalgam valley and commanding an unobstructed view of the hills and meadows, the LEADS Inn at Movaraa, a three-bedroom homestay is the perfect getaway for those seeking a peaceful escape. Aadu, Lade6rwat, and Betab Valley, the three famous scenic locations, are conveniently close. The property sits on the banks of the gurgling Lidder river which passes through a sleepy hamlet. During your stay, we won’t only provide comfortable and hygienic lodging but also organize rafting, fishing and trekking trips.

Stay with TravelLEADS and learn about and visit less traveled places that house the spirit and distinct culture of Kashmir. From the narrow alleys of Downtown to the mystic shrines to bustling markets and quaint villages, we have it all planned for you. Our association with local communities creates economic opportunities for them and preserves the culture and environment of the destinations it promotes while opening up new vistas for interested travellers!

Come and set on a different journey with us.